Winding Down

As we are winding down in the final year of the program, we are focused on institutionalizing the COSEE-West legacy so that educators, scientists and the public will have the ability to utilize the extensive Los Angeles network and resources that have accumulated over the years. Our web resources will be maintained and supported by the University of Southern California, where archived resources from all previous lectures and workshops can be found, including lesson plans and activities vetted over the years by COSEE-West staff and K-12 teachers and videos of scientists’ lectures. The website also provides information on our partners, scientists and HABWatch program, as well as the link to archives of College of Exploration online workshops.

The COSIA course, developed by COSEE-CA and Lawrence Hall of Science, will continue at USC in partnership with Aquarium of the Pacific and the California Science Center, and there has been a positive response to continue the course at UCLA, so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

The COSEE-West model for K-12 teacher professional development of having a lecture and workshop pair, connecting marine science researchers to teachers and the public, continues to leave an indelible mark. Scientists, such as Dr. Anita Leinweber, are incorporating hands-on activities in lectures, and teachers continue to use web resources and make requests for scientists and graduate students to collaborate within their classrooms.

Finally, COSEE-West staff are in the process of writing up these extremely successful achievements with the intention of publishing: creating a vast network of informal and formal educator-partners; extending learning and connecting to an international level through online workshops; and the unique week-long intensive workshop on ocean observing systems.

Photo Captions

  1. Dr. Patricia Halpin, UCLA marine scientist, leads a field trip to the rocky intertidal for K-12 teachers as part of CW intertidal workshop.
  2. Pat Harcourt, CW staff, trains graduate students to teach ocean and climate activities to middle school and high school students at JPL's Climate Day.
  3. Lynn Whitley, CW staff, leads an activity for K-12 teachers on sampling techniques at CW workshop on intertidal ecology at Pepperdine University.
  4. High school teachers learn to build their own quadrat to use in their classroom as part of CW intertidal workshop.