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Pre-college educators face many challenges when integrating marine topics with other subject areas. They find it difficult to fit in new topics such as oceans because their time and effort is focused on meeting learning standards and district / state assessments. COSEE-Ocean Systems (COSEE-OS) scientists who teach at the university level have likewise noted that they and their peers are often not well prepared to teach science using an interdisciplinary approach. In most cases, the result is a curriculum of discrete topics that doesn't provide students with a framework in which to view the big picture.

To help alleviate this problem, COSEE-OS resources have been selected to showcase fundamental science concepts which can be mapped within a big picture context. Our primary mode of dissemination to broad audiences is the Ocean Climate Interactive (OCI). This flash-based application allows users to explore concepts and their relationships through a variety of assets - videos, images, news articles, and teaching resources - within a profile that gives breadth and depth to the learning experience. The OCI, when used in conjuction with our Concept Map Builder, constitutes part of the COSEE-OS suite of ocean-climate multimedia known as the Concept Linked Integrated Media Builder (CLIMB).

The OCI was created from a series of concept maps developed by scientist-educator teams. After several iterations, the overarching map was parsed into three distinct "views" - the Earth-Sun View, the Earth View, and the CloseUp View - which showcase various concepts, each of which is linked to other concepts, subconcepts, and a multitude of assets. Educators can use the OCI in their classrooms as an easy-to-access resource for engaging material; students can browse the concepts and their assets to learn more about them in a way that invites further exploration.

Ocean Climate Interactive
Ocean Climate Interactive Tutorial
Multi-Media Concept Mapping to Promote Ocean Literacy in Rural and Inland Audiences

COSEE Center
COSEE-Ocean Systems, with a team of researchers and other experts from the University of Maine, New England Aquarium, and the Institute for Broadening Participation, was established to implement several integrated activities, each designed to improve COSEE's impact on rural and inland communities.

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