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Concept maps are designed to help teachers and their students understand the connections and relationships between climate and oceanography. For scientists, concept mapping helps them share their understanding of connections in the earth system. For educators, concept maps can be powerful tools for exposing and clarifying topics in the classroom and assessing student knowledge.

The COSEE-Ocean Systems (COSEE-OS) Concept Map Builder is a web-based tool that allows users to create customized concept maps linked to videos, images, news, and resources. Public maps (created by our users and vetted by COSEE-OS scientists) are available for all to print, download as an image, share, export as XML data, or repurpose for educational use.

CLIMB Public Maps
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Example Concept Maps: Ocean Literacy
Example Concept Maps: Climate Literacy

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COSEE Center
COSEE-Ocean Systems, with a team of researchers and other experts from the University of Maine, New England Aquarium, and the Institute for Broadening Participation, was established to implement several integrated activities, each designed to improve COSEE's impact on rural and inland communities.

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