Best of COSEE Hands-On Activities

The Best of COSEE Hands-On Activities offers ocean scientists simple, engaging, and easily accessible hands-on activities that will make your presentations to K-12 students, the public, or other non-science audiences more effective. This collection is brought to you by the Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE), a Network of Centers and a National Office that is now entering its 10th year of funding from the National Science Foundation Division of Ocean Sciences. This collection was gathered from across the COSEE Network, with each Center submitting their best hands-on activities. For more information about COSEE, please visit ( Among other resources you will find information about each Center and a Directory of Network Members, as well as in-depth case studies of COSEE Scientists Making an Impact in Ocean Sciences Education ( We hope that by using the Best of COSEE Hands-On Activities collection you will be inspired to continue and perhaps expand your efforts in Education and Outreach.

Using This Collection
You may search for activities by using any of five categories – Subject, Grade Level, Duration, Ocean Literacy Principle, and Title.

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The COSEE Network has been instrumental in the development of the Ocean Literacy Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts. The hands-on activities in this collection all connect to Ocean Literacy.
There are 7 principles of Ocean Literacy — ideas scientists and educators agree everyone should understand about the ocean.