Hands-On Activities for older or informal audience

These activities are suitable for adults or informal audiences

A Hurricane’s Storm Surge Affects Our Estuaries
Students construct a coastal landmass from sand and add features such as tidal creeks and barrier islands. They then add varying amounts of water to see the effects of storm surge on coastal land masses.
Subject: Ocean Geology, Human Impact Grade: 5 - adult Duration: 20 - 60 min
Ocean Literacy Principle: #1, #3, #6, #7
Beach Buckets
Visitors explore a bucket of sand and beach drift and debris, sort the items using observable characteristics and use a model to show how sand could be composed of items found on a beach. They also infer how the beach drift might have traveled to the beach.
Subject: Ocean Physics, Ocean Geology Grade: K to adult Duration: 30 - 45 min
Ocean Literacy Principle: #1, #2
Causes and Effects of Melting Ice
This activity introduces the concept of density-driven currents (thermohaline circulation) and how they are affected by climate change. Participants use colored ice cubes, water, and salt to explore density as it relates to salinity, leading to an understanding of the impact of glacial melt on sea level rise.
Subject: Ocean Physics Grade: 5 to adult Duration: 30 - 120 min
Ocean Literacy Principle: #1, #2, #6
Litter Matching Game
By matching descriptions to images, students identify marine debris items, leading to discussion about the effects of marine debris and how it can be reduced.
Subject: Ocean Biology, Ocean Chemistry, Human Impact Grade: 5 - adult Duration: 20 - 30 min
Ocean Literacy Principle: #1, #6, #7
Plankton Feeding
This activity provides a hands-on experience with a scale model, a relatively high viscosity (a property of a fluid), the interactions of an organism with its environment, and feeding behaviors.
Subject: Ocean Physics, Ocean Biology Grade: 4 - adult Duration: 30 min
Ocean Literacy Principle: #5, #7