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The lesson plans contained in this section of our Web site were created by teacher participants with the COSEE CGOM project. Putting these lessons online has been a collaborative effort between the COSEE CGOM staff members and these teachers. The teachers write the lessons and provide the subject-area expertise. COSEE CGOM staff members assist the teachers in getting the lessons formatted for the online environment. A great deal of effort has gone into making the COSEE CGOM lessons user-friendly by providing consistent formatting from one lesson to another as well as handouts that can be downloaded and reproduced for classroom use.

The majority of the COSEE CGOM lesson plans contain links to resource Web sites. These sites have been selected by the lesson authors as appropriate for use with students in the grade level involved in the lesson activities. To the best of our knowledge, none of these Web sites contain or link to inappropriate material of any type. Please note that our project funding has ended, so these resources are no longer being updated and any web links are provided as is. Web links do disappear and change overtime, so some links may not work anymore.
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