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Deep Sea Workshop - December 2006 Lecture 23 - Dr. James Childress, The Future is Uncertain, & the End is Always Near: Deep Sea Hydrothremal Vent Animals and Communities (College of Exploration Website)

Ridge 2000 PowerPoint Presentation

All of the Ridge2000 SEAS curriculum can be found here

Activities for all

"Plume" Teaser Activity

SEAS: Student Experiments at Sea: Introduction to Mussels

SEAS: Student Experiments at Sea: Introduction to deep-sea hydrothermal vents

SEAS "Classroom to Sea" Mussel Lab

Online Slide Show of Mussel Lab

2005 SEAS "Classroom to Sea" Laboratory Datasheet

SEAS: Student Experiments at Sea: Deep-sea mussel measurements (Excel), shallow-water mussel measurements (Excel), and link to field notes

SEAS: Student Experiments at Sea: Field notes

SEAS: Student Experiments at Sea: Data analysis and interpretation: your turn!

SEAS Website Exploration and Answer Sheet

Elementary Activities:

Elementary Packages (FOR SEA curriculum)

Precipitates & Black Smokers, SEAS Unit/Cruise 3, Activity 2 (PDF)

The Galapagos Hydrothermal Expedition: Role Play of the Discovery of Hydrothermal Vents, SEAS Unit/Cruise 1, Activity 6 (PDF)

and the Pictures to go with SEAS Unit/Cruise 1, Activity 6 (PDF)

Secondary Activities:

Earth Sciences

Precipitates & Black Smokers, SEAS Unit/Cruise 3, Activity 2 (PDF)

Our Changing View of Earth, SEAS Unit/Cruise 1, Activity 1 (PDF)

Locating Vent Fields Using CTD Data, SEAS Unit/Cruise 3, Activity 4 (PDF)

and the Graphs to go with SEAS Unit/Cruise 3, Activity 4 (PDF)

Life Sciences:

Please Pass the Energy, SEAS Unit/Cruise 4, Activity 1 (PDF)

Using Photo Images to Explore Life on the Ocean Floor, SEAS Unit/Cruise 4, Activity 3 (PDF)

and the Images to go with SEAS Unit/Cruise 4, Activity 3 (PDF)

Change Over Time, SEAS Unit/Cruise 4, Activity 4 (PDF)

and the Images to go with SEAS Unit/Cruise 4, Activity 4 (PDF)

Related Articles

Evolution and Biogeography of Deep-Sea Vent and Seep Invertebrates By C.L. Van Dover, C.R. German, K.G. Speer, L.M. Parsons, R.C. Vrijenjoek, Science, V295, 15 Feb 2002, p1253-1257

Farewell, Alvin

Armor-Plated Snail Discovered in Deep Sea


Hydrothermal Vent Glossary (PDF)

Hydrothermal Vent Fast Facts (PDF)

Resources List: Websites, Books, Videos (PDF)

Albatross & Plastics - October 2006
Lecture 22 - Dr. David Hyrenbach, Wings without Borders: Tracking Albatrosses Around the Globe (College of Exploration Website)

"The Dangers of Plastic Bags" presentation (PPT)

Pictures from Workshop

Online Videos
Visit http://oceanslive.org and click on "Archived Videos" to watch these two new movies:

Learn how marine debris affects Laysan Albatross chicksin the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument bywatching a necropsy.

>Watch how researchers band Masked Booby and Laysan Albatross chickson Green Island in the Kure Atoll State Wildlife Refuge in theNorthwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument.


Albatross Natural History Slide Show

Alb slide show script (PDF)

Albatross slide show.ppt (NOTE: PC users: If you can't see the slides in this show, you can open the show using the web version link below.  Or if you would like to request a CD version of the presentation, please contact Jenny Stock at CBNMS - jennifer.stock@noaa.gov

Albatross slide show (Web Version)

Albatross clip (AVI)


How Big Are Your Wings (PDF)

Walk a Mile in Albatross Shoes (PDF)

You Are What You Eat (PDF)

Seabirds and Plastics Slide Show

Slide Show Script (PDF)

Slide Show (PPT)

Slide Show (Online version)


3 Different Bolus Photos (PDF)

Albatross Extension Activities (PDF)

Are Seabirds What They Eat? (PDF)

Tracking Albatross and Trash (PDF)

What Plastic Items (PDF)

Related Articles

Albatross Age Record (PDF)

Audubon - Albatross Wanderings (PDF)

Plastic ingestion by Laysan Albatross chicks (PDF)

Solutions to Bycatch (PDF)

Sudden Death - A seabird report (PDF)

Turning the Tide for Trouble Albatross (PDF)


Albatross Mobile (PDF)

Albatross Natural History (PDF)

Fast Facts (PDF)

Recycling Codes (PDF)

Seabird Glossary of Terms (PDF)

Seabird-Tracking Websites (PDF)

Information on Tern Island

Bringing Nature to Students - September 2006

Pictures from Workshop

Biophilia (PowerPoint)

Santa Monica Bay Game

Santa Monica Bay Map

Kelp Forests and Coastal Ecosystems - June 2006

Pictures from Workshop

Genetics, Mutations, and Food Webs - April 2006
Lecture 21 - Dr. Dennis Hedgecock, Biocomplexity on a Halfshell (College of Exploration Website)


When Will We Tame the Oceans? - by John Marra, in Nature July 14, 2005: vol. 436

Should Eastern Oysters Be Put on the Endangered List? - by Kate Madin, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, posted Nov. 4, 2005

Whale Study Links Genetics and Reproductive Success - by Wildlife Conservation Society, posted April 24, 2003

The First Sequenced Extremophile - by Sarah DeWeerdt, Genome News Network, posted Feb. 1, 2002


Oyster Morphs

Plastic Egg Genetics

Hybrid Oyster Genetics

Toothpick Fish

A Recipe for Fish Traits

The Gene Scene

Frankenfish: Create Your Own Creature

Peas in a Pod

Mutations & Variation

An Inventory of My Traits




Fast Facts

Standards Correlations

Lecture Activities

WS Activities


Genetics Cross-disclipinary Learning

Book Resources

Workshop Lecture - Donal Manahan

Adaptation to Change – D. Manahan (PPT)

Harmful Algal Bloom Online Workshop - March 6 – 19, 2006

Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Resources

Hurricanes and Severe Weather - March 2006
Lecture 20 - Dr. Tony Michaels, Hurricanes (College of Exploration Website)



Barometer - DiscoverySchool.com

Barometer - SEACOOS

Extreme Weather Bingo

XWeather Bingo Cards

XWeather Bingo Terms

XWeather Bingo Tokens (grey)

Latitude / Longitude

Psychrometer - DiscoverySchool.com

Storm Surge

Weather - Classroom Hurricane Teacher Guide

Weather - Classroom Hurricane Student Guide

Wind Scale - Miami Museum of Science

Wonders of Weather

Background Info and Articles

Figures for explaining weather

Guide for Hurricane Awareness

Hurricane general info

Hurricane Preparation and info

Storm Intensity - Sea Temperature

The Fujita Tornado Intensity Scale (web archive)

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale (web archive)

What happens to animals during Hurricanes?

Other Resources

Atlantic Hurricane Names

Cloud Identification

Coriolis Force Diagram

Hurricane Glossary

Hurricane Resources

Hurricane Websites

Mysteries in the Mud: Coping with Stress in the Deep - February 2006
Lecture 19 - Dr. Lisa Levin, Mysteries in the Mud (College of Exploration Website)


Hydrothermal "Megaplume" Found in Indian Ocean

Deep Sea Sinkers


Make a Tube Worm

Volcano Factory

Hydrothermal Vent Challenge

What's the Big Deal?

How Diverse? (Worksheet)

Workshop Content Standards



Cold Seep Factoids

Content Standards


Life in the Midwater Realm - January 2006
Lecture 18 - Dr. Bill Hamner - Modern Technology and Recent Research in Mid Water (College of Exploration Website)

Pictures from Workshop


Bioscience on Bioluminescence

The Chemistry of Bioluminescence

Introduction to Sustainable Sea Expeditions

Deep Sea Background Information

Light in the Midwater Part 1

Light in the Midwater Part 2


Under Pressure

Properties of the Deep Sea (Teacher)

Properties of the Deep Sea (Student)

Light at the Bottom of the Deep, Dark Ocean

Cartesian Diver

Cartesian Diver Worksheet

All That Glitters

Sustainable Seas Expedition

Analysis of Animal Adaptations (Teacher)

Analysis of Animal Adaptations (Student)

Simple Submarine

Creature of the Abyss (Teacher)

Creature of the Abyss (Student)

Creature of the Deep Sea

How to Hide in the Ocean

Depth Line (Teacher)

Depth Line (Student)

Creatures of the Abyss - A Play by William Chamberlin


Guiding Questions


Fast Facts

Standards Correlations

Sea Resources (Drawings)

Sea Resources (Photos)

Deep Sea Field Guide

Standards Correlations



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