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Weather, Sea Level Rise and Climate Change Online Workshop - November 3 – 21, 2008 (link)

Weather & Climate Resources

Sea Level Rise & Ocean Circulation Resources

Climate and Climate Change Resources

Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Lecture - October 21, 2008

ARCHIVED LECTURE by Dr. Satie Airame, UCSB (Quicktime)


The goals of California’s Marine Life Protection Act (PDF)

What are Marine Protected Areas? (PDF)

Common Misconceptions about the Marine Life Protection Act (PDF)

The California Marine Life Protection Act: Paving New Ground” (PDF) by Ken Wiseman, Tidelines, CabrilloMarine AquariumNewsletter, Winter Edition 2008

California’s Marine Protection Act Initiative – South Coast Project” (PDF) by Emily Welborn, The SWMEA Connection, Summer 2008. p3.

Lesson Plan

Marine Reserves – Where do you fit in? (PDF)


Glossary (PDF)

Websites, videos, books, etc. (PDF)

General Public Information Packet

California Marine Life Protection (MLPA) Act Overview (PDF)

Opportunities for Public Involvement in the South Coast Study Region (PDF)

Announcement of the South Coast Regional Stakeholder Group (PDF)

MLPAI South Coast Study Region: Process Outline (PDF)

Key Players in the MLPA Initiative (PDF)

Marine Life Protection Act and Marine Protected Areas Workshop - Oct 18, 2008

ARCHIVED LECTURE by Dr. Christopher Lowe, CSULB

"The MLPA is coming to Southern California" by Dr. Chris Lowe, CSULB

Background and Articles

The goals of California’s Marine Life Protection Act (PDF)

What are Marine Protected Areas? (PDF)

Common Misconceptions about the Marine Life Protection Act (PDF)

Excerpt from: “Clarifying Misconceptions About MPAs” - A Continuing Series from the National Marine Protected Areas Center (PDF)

The California Marine Life Protection Act: Paving New Ground” (PDF) by Ken Wiseman, Tidelines, CabrilloMarine AquariumNewsletter, Winter Edition 2008

California’s Marine Protection Act Initiative – South Coast Project” (PDF) by Emily Welborn, The SWMEA Connection, Summer 2008. p3.

“3D Animations of Fish Movements in MPAs Underway”, p3
“Two Popular Sport Fishes Have Surprisingly Small Home Ranges”, p7
Both articles are from, Sea Grant News, July/Spring 2008

Historical Overfishing and the Recent Collapse of Global Ecosystems by Jeremy Jackson et al., Science, 293, 629 (2001)

Research Summaries from “The First Five Years of Monitoring the Channel Islands Marine Protected Area Network

Lesson Plans

Resources for lesson plans (PDF)

Game of Life (PDF)

Tragedy of the Commons (PDF)

MPA Simulation (PDF)

Marine Reserves – Where do you fit in? (PDF)

Sea Connection

Are Reserves Deserved in California? (.doc)

Are Reserves Deserved in California? Situation Cards (.doc)

Modified from “Are Reserves Deserved?” (Oregon)


Glossary (PDF)

Websites, books, articles, etc. (PDF)

How ‘Green’ is your Seafood? Lecture - August 21, 2008 - ARCHIVED LECTURE by Sheila Bowman, Seafood Watch Outreach Manager, Monterey Bay Aquarium (Quicktime)

Seafood Watch: Choices for Healthy Oceans (Powerpoint)

Seafood WATCH program, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Seafood Guide

Sushi Guide

Resources to help you spread the word about Seafood WATCH

Resources (websites, lessons, etc.)

Ocean Observing Systems Summer Teacher Institute – August 11-15, 2008
Many of the activities below were developed by COSEE-Coastal Trends for the east coast of the USA.  COSEE-Coastal Trends and COSEE-West have adapted those activities for southern California.

Monday, Aug 11 at University of Southern California, Los Angeles
            Lecturer: Graduate student Ivona Cetinic, USC
            “The Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System (SCCOOS): Ocean at your fingertips” (PDF)
            • Globe Toss (PDF)
Exploring Ocean Observing Systems (PDF)

Tuesday, Aug 12 at Ocean Institute, Dana Point
            Lecturer: Sue Magdziarz, Ocean Institute
            “Ocean Observing System Data in the Classroom”
            • Data from our 2 CTD casts while on the boat (XLS)

Wednesday, Aug 13 at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, San Pedro
            Lecturer: Dr. Laura Murray, UMCES
            “What makes waters move?”
            with short video (MPG)
            • Density Driven Currents demonstration (PDF)
            • Horizontal water movement using Drifters (PDF)
            • Surface Circulation Model (PDF)
            • Vertical Water Movement (PDF)
            • Where are the Organisms? (southern California) (PDF)
            • Where are the Organisms? (East Coast) (PDF)
            • Density Webquest (PDF)
            • Local Weather and the Ocean (PDF)

Thursday, Aug 14 at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena
            Lecturer: Mr. Benjamin Holt, JPL
            Lecturer: Ms. Annie Richardson, JPL
            • OSTM/Jason-2, sea level rise, climate change
            Lecturer: Ms. Karen Yuen, JPL
            • NEO and POET

Friday, Aug 15 at University of California, Los Angeles
            Lecturer: Dr. Anita Leinweber, UCLA
            “Time-series measurements in Santa Monica Bay, CA”
            • Santa Monica Bay Observatory

Resources for the week
            Websites (PDF)
                        • Yellow Submarine Probes Undersea World
                        • Cytobot Gives Early Red Tide Warning (from Oceanus July 2008)
                        • Underwater Gliders for Ocean Climate Observations (PDF)

You can find the lesson plans that were developed by the teachers who participated here.

Introduction to Marine Science Workshop (6th gr CA standards focused) - June 23-27, 2008

This workshop was held at Marina del Rey Middle School in Los Angeles, CA and was hosted by their Marine Science Academy. This workshop included teachers of all subjects from the Marine Science Academy as well as teachers from other local schools. This workshop focused on the content and concepts in the sixth grade California science standards as well as connecting those concepts with the sixth grade English, Math, History/Social Science, and Art standards. The goal of the Marine Science Academy is to teach all of the 6th grade CA standards using Marine Science.

You can find lesson plans developed by participating teachers here.

Schedule for the week
Homework schedule
Compiled Resources from the week
Ocean Literacy Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts
Ocean Literacy related to California Science Education Standards

Monday, June 23, 2008
Lecture by Dr. W.M. Hamner: Plate Tectonics & Earth's Surface
Mentor Teacher: Joy Tanigawa

Activities/Lesson Plans/Background

Mapping the Ocean Floor: Bathymetry (PDF)

Watered Down Topography (NOAA Ocean Explorer) (PDF)

Above Water Feature Cards (to go with Watered Down Topography) (PDF)

Mapping Deep-sea Features (PDF)

How to read a Topographic Map (PDF)

Southern California Topographic Map (PDF)

Topographic Mapping and Sea Level Rise (PDF)

Contour Maps and Sea Level Rise Analysis Worksheet (PDF)

Packages from FOR SEA, Unit 2 - The Changing Shape of Basins, grades 6-8

For the Student (DOC)

For the Teacher (DOC)

Paper Trench model from Journal of Geoscience Education, v.45, 1997, Fig 1 p263 & Fig 4 p265 (PDF)

Paper Volcano/Hydrothermal vent model from U.S. Geological Survey (JPG)

Volcano/Hydrothermal vent origami(JPG)

Movement of the American, Pacific, and Cocos Plates (PDF)

Flipbook: Watch the breakup of Pangaea (PDF)

Wrap up for subduction, volcano, seafloor spreading models by Joy Tanigawa (PDF)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Lecture by Dr. W.M. Hamner: Shaping Earth's Surface
Mentor Teacher: Robert Perry

Diagram of Surface Drifts and Currents of the Ocean (GIF)
Diagram of Ocean Circulation Conveyor Belt (JPG)

Activities/Lesson Plans/Background

Ocean Globe flyer (PDF)

Beach Research for Teachers (PDF)

Recording a Beach Profile (MOV)

Example of Student Research Clipboard (MOV)

Measuring Wind Speed & Air Temperature (MOV)

Beach Debris Guide (PDF)

Plankton Guide (PDF)

Marine Bird Guide (PDF)

Marine Mammal Guide (PDF)

Sea State Description Codes (PDF)

Temperature, Density, Salinity Chart (PDF)

Forel/Ule Scales (JPG)

Nike Shoe Investigation (PDF) (from Ocean Globe)

Of Shoes & Ships & Rubber Ducks & a Message in a Bottle (PDF)

If the Shoe Fits by Carla Helfferich, Alaska Science Forum, 9/2/92

Rubber Ducks Go Swimming, Science Report Radio - listen or read the transcript

How Ducks Quacked It by Paul Simons, The Guardian, 11/29/01

Santa Monica Bay Game(PDF)

Santa Monica Bay Game Map (PDF)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Lecture by Dr. W.M. Hamner: Earth's Oceans & Atmosphere
Mentor Teachers: Kurt Holland, Ron Ozuna

Activities/Lesson Plans/Background

Using Marine Science & Inquiry To Engage Our Students Curiosity: 6th Grade Science by Ron Ozuna

Thursday, June 26, 2008
Lecture by Dr. W.M. Hamner: Marine Ecology
Mentor Teachers: Renee Klein, Kurt Holland

Activities/Lesson Plans/Background

Compare falling rate of flat sheet of paper & paper crumpled up (PDF)

Surface area to volume ratio worksheet (student page and teacher page) (PDF)

Heat Capacity (PDF)

Wind & Currents (PDF)

Temperature Changes: Atmosphere & Ocean (PDF)

Light at the Bottom of the Deep, Dark Ocean? (PDF)

Environmental Monitoring and Project Opportunities for Students (PPT)

Nature Etiquette (PDF)

Friends of Ballona Wetlands

Shorebird Sister Schools Programs

U.S. Ramsar Sites (PDF)

QuikSCience Challenge

Earthwatch Institute

Friday, June 27, 2008
Lecture by Dr. W.M. Hamner: Earth & Life History
Mentor Teacher: Scott Sperber

Activities/Lesson Plans/Background

Squid Dissection: From Pen to Ink (including Calamari Cook-off!) (PDF)

Squid Lab (PDF)

Squid Jeopardy (PDF)

Marine Biology - Squid Dissection Lab (PDF)

Animal Form and Function: Cephalopods (PDF)

Ed Ricketts: 'From the Tidepools to the Stars' Lecture - May 14, 2008

ARCHIVED LECTURE by Eric Enno Tamm, author (Quicktime)
Mr. Tamm is the author of 'Beyond the Outer Shores: The Untold Odyssey of Ed Ricketts, the Pioneering Ecologist Who Inspired John Steinbeck and Joseph Campbell'

From the Tidepools to the Stars: The Life and Times of Edward Ricketts (PDF)


Ed Ricketts’ death, 50 years ago last week, preceded that of Cannery Row by only a few months by Eric Enno Tamm, Oct 13, 2005

Scientists to Repeat Steinbeck expedition by Carl Nolte, Chronicle Staff Writer, Dec 4, 2003

About Joseph Campbell

Science Studies the Sardine

Fisheries Ebb and Flow in 50-Year Cycle, Study Says by Cameron Walker, National Geographic News, 1/9/2003

From Anchovies to Sardines and Back: Multidecadal Change in the Pacific Ocean
F.P. Chavez, et al., Science 229, 217 (2003)

Resources (Websites, articles, lessons, etc.)

COSEE Network Conference - April 29-May 1, 2008

"Climate Change" presentation by Dr. D.G. Capone (PDF)

A New Look at the Deep Sea & Bioluminescence! - April 26, 2008

Lecture by Dr. Edith Widder, A New Look at the Deep Sea

Slide Presentation (PDF)

Slide Notes (PDF)

“What is Light?” Slide presentation by Dr. Edie Widder illustrating kinds of visible light (PDF)

Dr. Widder’s non-profit organization: ORCA = Ocean Research and Conservation Association

Background Information

The Bioluminescence Web Page. Haddock, S.H.D.; McDougall, C.M.; Case, J.F.

Deep-Sea Bioluminescence, MBARI’s First Decade Retrospective (PDF)

Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates, LUXGENE 2000

Bioluminescent Displays, Courtship, and Reproduction in Ostracodes, p1, 9-10. (Excerpt from: Chapter One of Crustacean Sexual Biology, R.T. Bauer and J.W. Martin (eds.), 1991, Columbia Univeristy Press, New York, pp.1-16.)

Ostracod anatomy: drawings & scanning electron micrographs, p107-108. (Excerpt from: J.G. Morin, Fireflies of the Sea: Luminescent Signaling in Marine Ostracode Crustaceans, The Florida Entomological Society 69:1 (Mar 1986), pp.105-121.)        

Lesson Plans

The Beautiful World of Bioluminescence:

Materials needed & where you can acquire them (PDF)

Student Worksheet (PDF)

Growing and Experimenting with Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates (PDF)

NOAA Ocean Explorer Lesson Plans:

Cool Lights (PDF)

Who Has the Light? (PDF)

Where is that Light Coming From? (PDF)

All That Glitters (PDF)

Light at the Bottom of the Deep, Dark Ocean? (PDF)


Fast Facts (PDF)

Glossary (PDF)

Websites (PDF)

Glossary for "What is Light?" Presentation (PDF)

Suggestions of where to find supplies and materials:

The Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit (PDF)

The Beautiful World of Bioluminescence Materials (PDF)

Dinoflagellates, Pyrocystis fusiformis - Sunnyside Sea Farms (PDF)

Ostracods (suggested use with "All That Glitters") (PDF)             

Moorea Online Research Workshop - Coral Reef Ecology - April 9 - May 12, 2008

Natural History and Evolution of Pinnipeds (Sea Lions, Seals & Walruses) - March 29, 2008

Of Fin and Mouth: the Evolution of Feeding and Locomotion in Seals, Sea Lions, and Walruses (PDF)


Ice seals candidates for endangered list by Dan Joling, Associated Press, March 26, 2008

Stranded Walrus Pups Cry for Help by Bjorn Carey, LiveScience Staff Writer, April 13, 2006

Agency OKs the killing of sea lions to protect salmon From the Associated Press, March 18, 2008

Sea Animals Get Tagged for Double-Duty Research by Christopher Pala, Science, Vol 313, 8 Sept 2006, p1383-1384

Where Blubber Meets the Road by Catherine Saillant, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer, Feb 4, 2008

Species Fact Sheets

Harbour seal, Phoca vitulina

California sea lion, Zalophus californianus

Walrus, Odobenus rosmarus

Northern Elephant seal, Mirounga angustirostris

National Geographic Coloring Book pages

Gray seal

Monk seal

California sea lion

Leopard seal

California Sea Lion labeled anatomy coloring pages A-E

The originals are here, but they do not print on one piece of 8.5”x11” paper

These are resized to print on 8.5” x 11” paper

Page A external features

Page B superficial skeletal muscles

Page C superficial viscera

Page D deep viscera

Page E skeleton

These are the drawings only, just black outline (print on transparencies and overlay images)

Page A external features

Page B superficial skeletal muscles

Page C superficial viscera

Page D deep viscera

Page E skeleton

These are the drawings only, black outline and color fill (print on transparencies and overlay images)

Page A external features

Page B superficial skeletal muscles

Page C superficial viscera

Page D deep viscera

Page E skeleton

Other Activities/Lessons

Marine Mammal Crossword Puzzle, from The Ocean Book: Aquarium and Seaside Activities for all Ages.  1989.  Center for Marine Conservation.  ISBN: 0-471-62078-5

The Gene Scene, adapted from Illinois Biodiversity Basics




Exploration & Evolution: Discoveries in the Lakes of Palau and the Deep Basin of the Celebes Sea – March 12, 2008

Powerpoint presentation by Dr. William Hamner, UCLA (ppt)

Background Information

Palau Lakes: “Strange World of Palau’s Salt Lakes” from National Geographic Magazine, vol. 161, no. 2, February 1982, p264-282.

NOAA Ocean Explorer 2007: Exploring the Inner Space of the Celebes Sea: Mission Plan

Speciation in the Midwater Realm of the Indo-Pacific Archipelago

The Heart of the Sea: Exploring Marine Biodiversity of the Celebes Sea

Mission Summary


Websites, Teacher Resources, Videos


Elephant Seals: Masters of the Depths - Feb 8, 2008

Background Information

Species Fact Sheet for Mirounga angustirostris, Northern Elephant Seal from Marine Mammal Center (PDF)

A history of Northern Elephant Seals

California, Seal and Sea Lion Viewing Guidelines Brochure from NOAA (PDF)

Marine Mammal Identification Guide by Robert Perry (OceanGLOBE website) (PDF)

Sea Animals Get Tagged for Double-Duty Research: Elephant seals and other deep-diving species are providing an unexpected boost to a global oceanographic database by Christopher Pala, in Science  8 Sept 2006, v313, p1383-1384.

Where blubber meets the road: Elephant seals are sneaking past beach fences meant to protect them from busy California 1 by Catherine Saillant, Los Angeles Times, 7 Feb 2008, B1

Lesson plans & Activities

Pinniped Rope Lesson




Please note: Additional marine mammal resources will be available above in the section titled “Natural History and Evolution of Pinnipeds (Sea Lions, Seals & Walruses) - March 29, 2008”

The CO2 Shuffle: Roles of the Ocean & Atmosphere in Earth’s Carbon Cycle – Feb 2, 2008

Presentation by Charles “Chip” Miller, Deputy Principle Investigator of the Ocean Carbon Observatory (OCO), Jet Propulsion Laboratory & California Institute of Technology (pdf)

Background Information

Talking about pH (.doc)

The pH scale (.xls)

Acidity and Alkalinity, Carbon Dioxide and Carbonate Cycles from Gross, M.G., Oceanography: A View of Earth, 6th ed., Prentice Hall, 1993, p85-87

Dissolved Gases, Acid-Base Balance from Garrison, T., Oceanography: An Invitation to Marine Science, 4th ed., Brooks/Cole Thomas Learning, 2002, p178-182

Carbon Dioxide Extends Its Harmful Reach to Oceans by Andrew Revkin, New York Times, July 20, 2004          

Climate Change Threatens Coral Reefs - OCEANSP@CE, Issue 127, Monday, April 4, 1999 (.doc)

Marine Organisms Threatened By Increasingly Acidic Ocean from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute News Release, Sept 29, 2005

Oceanography: Sick Seas - Nature News Feature, Nature 442, August 31, 2006, p978-980

Some Like It Hot by W.Wayt Gibbs, Scientific American, Dec 1995, p28-29 (PDF)

The Acid Ocean – the Other Problem with CO2 Emission - Real Climate: Climate science from climate scientists, 2 July 2005

The Dangers of Ocean Acidification by Scott C. Doney, Scientific American, Mar 2006, p58-65

Lesson plans & Activities

Litmus Paper – Advanced Organizer (Acid and Base Test) (.doc)

pH paper – pH Lesson Plan



Acids & Bases (PDF)

Acid Rain and the Greenhouse Effect (Fluid Earth, Unit 4, Topic 6) (PDF)

“I’m Melting!!” Lesson Plan (.doc)

“I’m Melting!!” Datasheet Version 1 & 2 (.xls)

Carbon Dioxide, Coral Reefs, and Climate Change – Background Information and “Effects of CO2 on Coral Reefs” Lesson Plan

What IS an Ecological Footprint? (1a and 2a are the same)

Use this worksheet with Bobby Bigfoot online ecological footprint calculator for kids

CO2 Calculation for California (from “Confronting Climate Change in California Curriculum Guide”, Activity 2, Union of Concerned Scientists)

Carbon & Ecological Impact Calculators (.doc)


Fast Facts Carbon Dioxide (PDF)

Websites (PDF)

Glossary (PDF)

Resource Suggestions from Dr. Miller:

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Ocean Iron Fertilization – Moving Forward in a Sea of Uncertainty - Buesseler, KO, SC Doney, DM Karl, PW Boyd, K Caldeira, F Chai, KH Coale, HJW de Baar, PG Falkowski, KS Johnson, RS Lampitt, AF Michaels, SWA Naqvi, V Smetacek, S Takeda, AJ Watson, Science, v 319, 11 Jan 2008, p 162.

The Crucial Measurement by Amanda Haag, Nature, v 450, 6 Dec 2007, p785-787.

CO2 Arithmetic by Wallace S. Broecker, Science, v 315, 9 March 2007, p1371.

Beware of Imposter Science, Pseudoscience, Bogus Science

Some Notes on the Nature of Science by Joe Schwartz, Ph.D. and Stephen Barrett, M.D.

Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science by Robert L. Park, Ph.D

Distinguishing Science and Pseudoscience by Rory Coker, Ph.D.


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