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Ivar  Babb - Director
Ivar Babb
NURTEC / University of Connecticut
TEK | Web Working Group
Kay Baggett
Gautier Middle School (Retired)
Gulf of Mexico
Carol  Baldassari - Evaluator
Carol Baldassari
Program Evaluation and Research Group Lesley University
Elizabeth  Ban -
Elizabeth Ban
Ray Barnhardt
Don  Behringer - Faculty member, Fisheries/Aquatic Science
Don Behringer
University of Florida, Gainesville
Gulf of Mexico
Philip  Bell -
Philip Bell
University of Washington College of Education
Ocean Learning Communities
Rita  Bell -
Rita Bell
Monterey Bay Aquarium
California | Ocean Systems
Michele  Benoit - Science Teacher
Michele Benoit
Bangor High School
Ocean Systems
Sam  Bentley -
Sam Bentley
Canada Research Chair in Seabed Processes and Seabed Imaging Earth Sciences Department
Gulf of Mexico
Rachel  Bergren -
Rachel Bergren
Lincoln Park Zoo
Great Lakes
Tina  Bishop - Academic Director
Tina Bishop
College of Exploration
California | West | Coastal Trends | Ocean Systems
Angela  Bliss -
Angela Bliss
University of Georgia Marine Extension Service and COSEE SE
South East
George  Boehlert -
George Boehlert
Hatfield Marine Science Center, Oregon State University
Pacific Partnerships
Johnette Bosarge
Institute for Marine Mammal Studies
Gulf of Mexico
Emmanuel  Boss - Professor
Emmanuel Boss
University of Maine
Ocean Systems
Kelley  Bostrom -
Kelley Bostrom
University of Connecticut
John  Bowie -
John Bowie
Gulf of Mexico Program Office
Gulf of Mexico | Ocean Systems
Greg  Boyer -
Greg Boyer
State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Great Lakes
Dan  Brook -
Dan Brook
Mississippi State University
Gulf of Mexico
Laura  Brothers - Graduate Student
Laura Brothers
University of Maine
Ocean Systems
Dr. Susie Brubaker-Cole
Oregon State University
Pacific Partnerships
Meghan  Buckley - COSEE Florida Center Coordinator
Meghan Buckley
COSEE Florida
Susan  Bullerdick -
Susan Bullerdick
Seattle Aquarium Society
Ocean Learning Communities
Elizabeth  Burakowski - Graduate Student
Elizabeth Burakowski
University of New Hampshire
Ocean Systems
Karen  Burns -
Karen Burns
Virginia Aquarium
Coastal Trends