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Kym  Jacobson -
Kym Jacobson
Fish Ecology Division, Northwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service
Pacific Partnerships
Mahima  Jaini - Graduate Student
Mahima Jaini
University of Maine
Ocean Systems
Mark Jarrett
Gulf of Mexico
Phoebe  Jekielek - Marine Education Associate
Phoebe Jekielek
University of Maine
Ocean Systems
Kris  Jensen -
Kris Jensen
Coastal Trends
Crystal  Johnson -
Crystal Johnson
University of Southern Mississippi-Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
Gulf of Mexico
Phillip  Johnson -
Phillip Johnson
CoastWatch Director, Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition
Pacific Partnerships
Adrian  Jones -
Adrian Jones
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Integration and Application Network
Coastal Trends
M. Brandon  Jones - Acting STAR/GRO Fellowships Team Lead U.S. EPA/ORD/NCER
M. Brandon Jones, PhD
Environmental Protection Agency Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Program
National Advisory Committee
Carolyn  Jordan - Research Scientist
Carolyn Jordan
University of New Hampshire
Ocean Systems
Frank  Jordan -
Frank Jordan
Loyola University New Orleans, Department of Biological Sciences
Gulf of Mexico
Rebecca  Jordan - Assistant Professor of Environmental Education and Citizen Science
Rebecca Jordan
School of Environmental & Biological Sciences, Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources Rutgers University
Networked Ocean World
Kevin  Joy - Technical Director
Kevin Joy
NURTEC / University of Connecticut
Peter  Jumars - Director of School of Marine Sciences, Professor
Peter Jumars
University of Maine
Ocean Systems