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Artur  Palacz - Graduate Student
Artur Palacz
University of Maine
Ocean Systems
Chris  Parsons - Principal/Business Owner
Chris Parsons
Word Craft
Networked Ocean World
Valerie  Paul - Senior Researcher
Valerie Paul, Ph.D.
Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce
Diana  Payne - Education Coordinator
Diana Payne
Connecticut Sea Grant
Adina  Paytan -
Adina Paytan
University of California, Santa Cruz
Cheryl  Peach - Director, Science Education Partnerships
Cheryl Peach
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Sarah Pedemonte
Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley
Harriet  Perry -
Harriet Perry
University of Southern Mississippi-Gulf Coast Research Laboratory
Gulf of Mexico
Mary Jane  Perry - Professor
Mary Jane Perry
University of Maine
Ocean Systems
Andrew  Pershing - Research Scientist, Ecosystem Modeling
Andrew Pershing
Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Ocean Systems
Chris  Petrone -
Chris Petrone
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Networked Ocean World
Romy  Pizziconi - National Network Assistant
Romy Pizziconi
University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Oceanography
National COSEE Office | | Excellence in Networking Tools Sub-Group
Dave  Plude - Evaluator
Dave Plude
SoundView Evaluation and Research
Alaska |