Jude Apple ~ Entrepreneurial Ecologist

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Collaborating during sampling
An entrepreneur is someone who sees a need and turns it into an opportunity. Dr. Jude Apple carries the spark of entrepreneurship in his approach to education and outreach, following his interests and seeing what happens – almost as one would approach an experiment. "I enjoy making connections and networking," says Jude, "even though not every connection may bear fruit."

For Jude, collaborating comes naturally, as does his love of teaching; he has been teaching since the age of 12. He takes on his role as mentor enthusiastically, engaging community college students, Native Americans and minority students in his research interests and helping them to develop their own. By nature he is flexible and adaptable, traits which come in handy in this age of tightening funding opportunities. COSEE Pacific Partnerships gives Jude multiple opportunities to use his gifts and explore his interests, working with underserved students, citizen scientists and the public.

Jude's ability to collaborate has helped him develop his programs at Northwest Indian College, where being able to listen and create connections serves him and his students well. And multiple connections collaborate on the projects at Friday Harbor, where Jude pursues research interests while simultaneously mentoring and teaching, engaging REU and MIMSUP students, faculty and students from Northwest Indian College, and citizen scientists.

Jude's Collaborations