Jude Apple ~ Entrepreneurial Ecologist

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Uncharted Waters

Dr. Jude Apple understands very well how his unique position is both a great opportunity and a great challenge. What he calls an "unorthodox mixture" is what he is hired to do – bring top level competitive research and innovative education together into one position. The result is that he constantly has to figure out how to get his research to support his outreach, and his outreach to support his research – difficult, but perhaps expressing a new paradigm that will yield auspicious results.

Jan Hodder
Jan Hodder, COSEE Pacific Partnerships Director
Jude is a role model for scientists trying to bridge the divide, while remaining competitive through broader impacts
Coral Gehrke
Coral Gehrke, COSEE Pacific Partnerships Coordinator
Jude brings his skills as researcher and outreach communicator to COSEE projects
Amy Burgess
Amy Burgess, Graduate Student, Western Washington University
Challenges for the new cohort of grad students