Jude Apple ~ Entrepreneurial Ecologist

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Different Perspectives, Common Threads

In both his research and public outreach capacity, Dr. Jude Apple is actively involved with the Native American community, particularly members of the Lummi tribe. While his interest in geochemical processes in eutrophication may be what draws him to working in Bellingham Bay, his involvement with students and faculty from Northwest Indian College (NWIC) has given his field work added personal value. Knowing that he might be contributing to the ultimate preservation of the Lummi culture gives his research a new meaning and depth of purpose.

Jude's work at NWIC involves mentoring students across the intersection of Western and Native knowledge. Scientific breakthroughs are one potential outcome of this work, as are developing the skills of being a good listener, valuing others' perspectives, and respecting others, all within the shared experience of natural beauty.

Jan Hodder
Jan Hodder, Ph.D., COSEE Pacific Partnerships Director
Jude's role as mentor at Northwest Indian College
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Jan Newton, Ph.D., Principal Oceanographer, University of Washington
Positive results from engaging across cultures
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