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Natural Networks

It's very hard to survive in a place like Alaska if you don't depend on your neighbors. Because Alaska is a "big state geographically and a small state personally" the opportunity and need for working collaboratively is somewhat different from the rest of the US. For COSEE Alaska, it is not an academic exercise to have a network form that is comprised of those involved in ocean science research, education and outreach, and stakeholders. The only question is how to do it more efficiently. Dr. Michael Castellini is embedded in collaborations across the spectrum of his working life – from research, to outreach activities, to education.

Molly McCammon
Molly McCammon, Executive Director, Alaska Ocean Observing System
Dr. Michael Castellini's skills at collaborating
Nora Deans
Nora Deans, COSEE Alaska
Alaskan scientists collaborate with communities all across the state
Jim Pfeiffenberger
Jim Pfeiffenberger, Education Coordinator, Ocean Alaska Science & Learning Center
The benefits of collaboration from the agency perspective
Sean Topkok
Sean Topkok, Curriculum Specialist, Alaska Native Knowledge Network
Communication between Native communities and scientists is the key to a positive experience