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Stakeholder Interaction

Dr. Michael Castellini brings a unique perspective to assessing the state of ocean sciences education and outreach in Alaska. Not only is he PI of COSEE Alaska, he is also Dean of the School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. What this perspective tells him is how important it is to have broad based and wide-ranging support – and not just from academic institutions.

Throughout Alaska, the level of involvement and interest in education activities by a multitude of stakeholders sets the state apart. The university itself has greatly expanded its outreach-related activities to include extensive distance learning opportunities. There is a need for political and economic support, meaning that Mike spends a lot of time talking to managers and legislators. Members of Native communities, commercial fishermen, and the general public all demonstrate a high degree of personal interest in ocean science and education.

Nora Deans
Nora Deans, COSEE Alaska
Michael brings a high level of institutional support to COSEE Alaska's outreach activities
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