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Dr. Michael Castellini feels strongly that it is his responsibility as a scientist to reach out to the public and communicate about current ocean science research. In Alaska the need for being up to date on research is particularly acute, since many Alaskans' livelihoods depend on the state of the ocean – whether they are commercial fishermen, members of Native communities, or those dependent on the tourism industry. They need to know what's going on, and Michael feels strongly that it's the scientists' responsibility to both learn about community interactions with the ocean and to tell the communities what is happening in research.

Molly McCammon
Molly McCammon, Executive Director, Alaska Ocean Observing System
How Dr. Michael Castellini connects with audiences
Ian Dutton
Ian Dutton, President and CEO, Alaska SeaLife Center
The benefits of having access to experts
Jennifer Wagaman
Jennifer Wagaman, Director of Research Engagement, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Tools for training scientists to show their excitement about science