Bob Chen ~ Urban Oceanographer


COSEE New England educators
COSEE New England was Dr. Bob Chen's first experience working collaboratively with scientists and educators, giving him the skills to successfully develop strategic and diverse collaborations with institutions, school districts and informal educators. These collaborations adapt, develop, and disseminate ocean sciences education resources (such as curriculum materials, tools, professional development materials, and publications) that are used by K-16 educators and scientists in formal, informal and online settings. Many of these collaborative projects are district-wide initiatives that focus on underrepresented audiences.

Bob has given many presentations at national ocean science meetings on the benefits of enhancing a career in science with education and outreach. He has also published an article on education and outreach in the National Marine Educators Association quarterly journal Current, vol. 23 no.2, 2007: Ocean Education and Outreach for Fame and Fortune - A Case Study. In addition to presently serving as PI on several large education grants, Bob has won many awards for his work in education and outreach, including the UMass Boston President's Award.

In 2010 Bob collaborated on the development of a planning workshop for COSEE China. In March, participants from eight COSEE Centers joined with Chinese ocean scientists and educators and traveled to Beijing, Xiamen and Qingdao to explore the possibility of establishing the first international COSEE Center. For a detailed look at how the trip went, read the COSEE China blog.

Bob's Education and Outreach Collaborations
  • COSEE New England, a collaboration between UMass Boston, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and New England Aquarium
  • Ocean Literacy Initiative, a collaborative effort spearheaded by COSEE New England, the College of Exploration, NOAA and the National Geographic Society
  • Watershed-Integrated Sciences Partnership (WISP), an NSF-funded GK-12 collaboration between UMass Boston and three public school districts
  • Boston Science Partnership, an NSF-funded Math Science Partnership collaboration between UMass Boston, Boston Public Schools, and Northeastern University, with three supporting partners - Harvard Medical School, Roxbury Community College and the College Board
  • Sensor Swan, a project involving a middle school class from Milton, MA; their WISP teacher; and UMass Boston that resulted in a remote data-gathering device placed in a local pond
  • The Neponest Mural, a project that connected 1100 students with a ceramic artist through the WISP program, resulting in a tile mural that is on permanent display at the New England Aquarium