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Expanding Models of Outreach

"Every one of my grad students has been involved with COSEE, and at every level."
Dr. Peggy Fong's relationship with COSEE West has been one of evolution, moving from "just showing up and giving lectures" to being fully involved as a Co-PI. COSEE West has also evolved, becoming more focused on developing national and international models of outreach through technology. "We’re trying to institutionalize some of the things we're doing", says Peggy, "making them widely applicable and widely available."

Online Workshops
Access archived COSEE West Online Workshops through the College of Exploration.
COSEE West also gave Peggy the support to scale up the Marine Biology Quarter (MBQ) class that she teaches, and to share the students' experience with a wider group of people through online workshops. Over the last three years, together with the College of Exploration, COSEE West has developed online workshops for K-12 teachers, with a goal of exposing them to cutting edge research. Peggy has taught two of these workshops, which were developed in association with the undergraduate MBQ classes. (Peggy's grad students also helped in the workshop development and presentation.) Lectures were filmed and posted online for teachers and their students, who were also involved directly in the research experiences of the MBQ undergraduates through students' blogs.

The second workshop reached over 240 people from around the world, including Korea, Indonesia, South Africa, and India. Through the blogs, participants could follow students' research efforts, asking questions and interacting as the research progressed. "The online workshops raise people's awareness of the subject matter," says Peggy. "Specifically, of coral reef ecology and how human impacts are affecting the sustainability of these systems." Future plans include expanding the use of these online workshops throughout the California system of state schools and community colleges.

Mark Friedman
Mark Friedman, Marine Biology Teacher, Animo Leadership Charter High School
Mark uses COSEE West lectures as a way to educate and inspire his students
Annie Richardson
Annie Richardson, Education and Public Outreach Coordinator, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab
NASA JPL is a partner with COSEE West, allowing an exchange in expertise and outreach opportunities