Peggy Fong ~ Community Ecologist

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Peggy Fong and students

Balance Through Support

While it might be tempting to describe Dr. Peggy Fong as someone who can "do it all", she will be quick to correct you. Instead, she wants to be sure that everyone is aware that what she is able to do - to be a successful and productive researcher, educator, parent and family member - is only possible by having what she describes as her incredible support structure. Colleagues, students and family members have all pitched in with support.

Both her graduate and undergraduate students go out and do cutting edge research on their own, resulting (among other things) in a growing list of publications on Peggy's CV. "It’s definitely a synergistic, symbiotic relationship," says Peggy. And both her colleagues and her family members have been flexible enough to make her trips to field sites possible and productive. "There's a lot of mutual respect within the whole lab," she says.

Tonya Kane
Tonya Kane, Graduate Student, UCLA and COSEE West Program Assistant
Tonya explains how Peggy has engaged and encourgaged her as a graduate advisor and lab manager
Dan Blumstein
Dan Blumstein, Ph.D., Chair, Dept of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UCLA
Dan discusses how much he enjoys working with Peggy, and how they act as role models for students
Ranjan Muthukrishnan
Ranjan Muthukrishnan, Graduate Student, UCLA
Ranjan, a graduate student under Peggy, beleives that she is a model for how a scientist can balance research and outreach, while still maintaining a personal life
Lauri Green
Lauri Green, Ph.D., Post-Doc, UCLA and Fong Lab / SCCWRP
Lauri values Peggy for how she helps her students in their professional and personal lives