Isaac Ginis ~ Outreach Modeler


Conveying Complexity

Dr. Isaac Ginis is at the forefront of his field of hurricane forecast modeling. What propelled him there – intelligence, curiosity, energy, perseverance – helps keep him going. Yet maintaining his position is also extremely time and labor intensive – requiring writing successful proposals and publications, managing and mentoring grad students and post docs, collaborating with other researchers and other institutions, traveling for conferences.

Yet Isaac also finds time to conduct excellent education and outreach – and continues to be motivated to do so. Conveying the complexity of his research to the public is not easy, but he finds working with teachers to be a two-way street, as they help him to grasp what the public is able to understand.

Younger faculty, who have to be concerned with achieving tenure, face a real balancing act. Yet in the experience of the COSEE Network, more scientists are taking the responsibility of educating the public seriously. In the end, those who are interested and motivated find a way to participate in education and outreach.

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