Scott Glenn ~ Ocean Observer


Using Observing Data in Education
and Outreach

Dr. Scott Glenn is a co-Principal Investigator (co-PI) of COSEE Networked Ocean World (COSEE NOW). Funded in 2008, COSEE NOW's core partners are Rutgers University, Liberty Science Center and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, who are using real-time information from ocean observing systems to enhance public understanding of the ocean. COSEE NOW partners are currently working to address issues in the thematic areas of Ocean Literacy, virtual community collaborations, and ocean observing systems.

"COSEE NOW is a catalyst for collaboration, for communication and for change."
COSEE NOW has developed the COOL Classroom interface, containing learning modules on topics that use tools from Scott's ocean observatory. These modules give students experience in using real-time data streams as well as in interpreting the data, asking the same questions that scientists would. COSEE NOW plays a critical role in providing that piece – teaching students how to explore the data and apply it to a scientific problem. The creation of the modules also offers broader impact opportunities to scientists. "COSEE NOW was the catalyst in having the scientists work with educators who want their students to be able to use that data," says Scott. "Having the COSEE Network is a huge advantage, allowing us to collaborate with teachers all over country."

COSEE NOW, scientists and computer programmers collaborate on how best to visualize data from the ocean observatory. "COSEE NOW has helped us build collaborative spaces in the virtual and in the real world," says Scott. His students are also learning how to collaborate across many disciplines, preparing them for the multi-disciplinary face of contemporary oceanography. "I knew we had to educate a new generation of students," says Scott. "The people we're going to need to run observatories, gather data and interpret it just didn’t exist. COSEE NOW is helping us educate that whole new generation."