Scott Glenn ~ Ocean Observer


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Scott Glenn
It makes sense that a scientist such as Dr. Scott Glenn – whose field of vision encompasses entire ocean basins – would have a global perspective on what lies ahead for young oceanographers. Although he may be able to collect his data while sitting at Starbucks, the data are in the form of tweets of information coming from across the globe. His latest RU COOL project – the Cook glider – is the beginning of a plan to have a fleet of gliders flying around the Earth's ocean, collecting and sending back data.

Just as Scott's ocean observing field research has grown – from a postage stamp of sampled ocean off the coast of New Jersey to the global ocean basin – his vision for how ocean observing will be used in the future had also grown. With climate change coming and the world population growing, he sees the needs of less developed nations increasing. And he sees how his young students fit into that picture of global awareness, working not as individuals but together, getting first-hand experience on how to use new technologies, how to collaborate scientifically, and how to be better members of the global society.