Joel Hoffman ~ Great Lakes Connector

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Deploying a net
Dr. Joel Hoffman is engaged with both formal and informal educators. Through COSEE Great Lakes, he has the means to bring classroom science teachers onboard for week-long cruises throughout the Great Lakes. On these cruises he gives teaches the opportunity to participate in the process of science, not just as observers but as researchers.

"Using research in an education context takes planning and forethought."
The Great Lakes region has a culture that celebrates a focus on natural resources, which in turn leads to an enhanced interest in science. This is apparent at the Great Lakes Aquarium, where visitors are treated to theme-based exhibits that combine a positive experience with accurate science. Joel's input in exhibit development ensures this accuracy.

The regional interest in natural resources also encourages an active citizenry, such as those involved in the St. Louis River Alliance. Joel's contribution to this stakeholder group ensures sound science for data-driven environmental benchmarks.

Joel's Collaborations
Students lined up along the shore