Crystal Johnson ~ Cultivating Student Science


Crystal Johnson speaking with a student
"I'm always surprised how much I stand out in people's memories."
Dr. Crystal Johnson is often described as unique. She stands out because she is dedicated to exemplary research, to pursuing the interface between human health and ecosystems. She stands out because of her unflagging commitment to helping students at all levels – and giving students as young as high school age the opportunity to make real scientific discoveries. She stands out because she manages to be independent yet collaborative, tough and demanding yet always ready with a joke or a smile. She's a role model for many students and young scientists. And the fact that she doesn’t see herself as unusual or memorable speaks to her lack of self-conscious commitment.

Her students and colleagues do indeed find her memorable. Those whose perspectives you will encounter in Viewpoints are:

Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker, Ph.D.
COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico Principal Investigator
(featured in Balancing Efforts & Rewards, Broader Impacts, Engaging Students, and COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico)
Gary King
Gary King, Ph.D.
Professor of Microbial Ecology, Louisiana State University
(featured in Balancing Efforts & Rewards, Institutional Support, Engaging Students, and The Gulf Oil Spill)
Sheri Wischusen
Sheri Wischusen, Ph.D.
Director of Undergraduate Research Education, Louisiana State University
(featured in Institutional Support, Engaging Students, Research Experience for Undergraduates, and Diversity Initiatives)
Erica Simmons and Vanessa Moline
Erica Simmons and Vanessa Moline
Graduate Students, Louisiana State University
(featured in Engaging Students)
Jacquelyn Williams
Jacquelyn Williams
Undergraduate Student, Louisiana State University
(featured in Summer Research Internship)
Joey Heintz
Joey Heintz
High School Senior, Episcopal High School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
(featured in Engaging Students Summer Research Internship)

Connecting to Viewpoints from Additional Featured Scientists