Rick Keil ~ Citizens' Scientist


A Risky Path That's Satisfying
and Meaningful

Why should scientists make the effort to be engaged in Education and Outreach (E&O)? The rewards are numerous and vary widely, depending on one's career stage. Some research faculty spend years balancing both research and outreach before finally choosing one over the other. Others absolutely require both to be fully satisfied in their work. Still others see the opportunity to be engaged as a benefit of working within the university reward structure, in which NOT following directions is seen as a valuable asset. Running with passions, following a muse - these have become hallmarks of engaging in E&O.

Working with an established program such as COSEE offers a larger impact than any one scientist can have on their own. COSEE offers a model, a framework, and ongoing intellectual capital and support, providing engagement in excellent programs that have significant impact and include follow-up and evaluation, with additional opportunities for publication and presentations.

Russ McDuff
Miles Logsten
Daniel Grünbaum
Daniel Grünbaum, Ph.D., Associate Professor, UW School of Oceanography
Motivations to do outreach and research are intertwined
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