Rick Keil ~ Citizens' Scientist


Inspiring Others to Find Their Passion

For Rick Keil, a huge part of what makes his work enjoyable is working with students. He enthusiastically conveys his passion for his research with students of all ages - the teens in the Sound Citizen Science Apprenticeship program, the undergrads working on their own research for the Capstone Course, the grad students who are managing the teenagers, and the people of all ages who get involved in SoundCitizen and COSEE OLC.

His passion is contagious. The overflow audience at his performance for the Seattle Aquarium Sound Conversations series, filled with current and past students, is but one indicator. And, most important for the future of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers, he offers his students a model for successfully combining research with Education and Outreach.

Déana Scipio
Déana Scipio, Graduate Student, UW College of Education
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