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Rinse and Repeat

Some of Dr. Michael Kemp's collaborations go back decades. He and his colleague and friend Dr. Walter Boynton were given an award jointly that underscores the importance of collaborating, particularly when trying to put together an understanding of a complex research topic. Michael's collaboration with coastal managers is also long-standing, so much so that there is a track record to look back on, a cycle of collaboration encompassing a familiar and productive process: bring together over a common outlook, develop a common product, influence policy, fund, synthesize, repeat.

Collaborating at sea
As scientists increasingly accept the importance of broader impacts and getting the word out, graduate students look forward to being able to apply their knowledge to influencing policy, stimulating innovation, and working as an intermediary between the academic and non-academic worlds.

Laura Murray
Laura Murray, Ph.D., Research Professor - University of Maryland
Getting the scientsts involved in education over time
Scott Glenn
Walter Boynton, Ph.D., Professor - University of Maryland
Being rewarded by your peers for collaboration
Jen Bosch
Jen Bosch, Graduate Student - University of Maryland
Communcation that applies to real world problems