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Rewarding Service

The Horn Point Laboratory Estuarine Ecosystems Processes Group
The Horn Point Laboratory Estuarine
Ecosystems Processes Group
Dr. Michael Kemp has been supported in his involvement in Education and Outreach (E&O) by his home institution – the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Sciences. Over the last decade, the Center has increasingly stressed the importance of communicating research findings to the outside world.

As funding agencies began stressing broader impacts, established scientists expanded their definition of E&O, and projects such as COSEE raised the bar. Michael was always willing to talk to community groups and work with coastal managers. In turn, the university began to reward service as well as scholarship. That desire to work within other sectors can produce satisfaction professionally and personally, and naturally evolve to working with a project such as COSEE.

Younger scientists now understand that a project like COSEE Coastal Trends is an important outlet to express themselves and create a positive legacy. As knowledge expands exponentially, science cannot remain in isolation, but must be communicated to a broader audience now. The field of science education is benefiting, and scientists have a greater appreciation for the need to get their research known.

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