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Participating in Education and Outreach can be a challenge for research scientists at all levels. Grad students and post docs looking ahead to having their own lab some day may be faced with the reality of seeing research valued more than outreach. They may receive a mixed message of the need to be well-rounded followed by disproportionate rewards. For young faculty, finding time to do outreach can be a challenge, but an incentive to do so would be recognition. Building and maintaining a portfolio of their outreach efforts can be vital to receiving that recognition.

Senior scientists are well aware that major funding agencies now require outreach to be an integral part of every proposal. Yet institutional administrations may lag behind, still needing to be educated as to the importance of rewarding scientists for doing outreach.

George Matsumoto
George Matsumoto, Ph.D., Senior Education and Research Specialist, MBARI
For young faculty to be recognized for doing outreach they need to build a portfolio
Kate Mackey
Kate Mackey, Ph.D., Post Doc Researcher, University of California-Santa Cruz
Early career scientists see the imbalance between expectations and rewards
Adina Paytan
Adina Paytan, Ph.D., Associate Research Scientist, University of California-Santa Cruz
Funding agencies are promoting the importance of outreach, but universities still have work to do