Adina Paytan ~ Multi-Scale Mentor

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Mentoring Balance

Dr. Adina Paytan is both a role model and a mentor. Female grad students look to her as an example of living a balanced life, complete with family and parenting in addition to her work as a research scientist. She is an ideal person for them to come to with any question, whether it relates to their research or their personal lives.

She is also a female professor who takes mentoring seriously. And by making time to be a mentor, she is sending a message about priorities. Students see that, even for someone as busy as Adina, mentoring is important. In addition, Adina was a past co-chair of the Association for Women in Science, a 40-year-old organization that pairs volunteer mentors with grad students.

Azadeh Tabazadeh
Azadeh Tabazadeh, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Stanford University
Adina is an exemplary role model for female scientists
Susan Bernhard
Susan Bernhard, Ph.D., Past Co-Chair, Association for Women in Science
Adina is also a role model for the importance of mentoring
Association for Women in Science logo
Association for Women in Science
Susan Bernhard talks about how this organization pairs volunteer mentors with grad students, and Adina talks about what women bring to science
Jenny Saltzman