Adina Paytan ~ Multi-Scale Mentor

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Making It Real

Dr. Adina Paytan firmly believes that the role of scientists is not just to do research but to also communicate their science to people of all ages. And communicating with the public impacts her science as well, as it inspires her to consider research topics that will benefit the planet. Using her expertise as mentor and teacher, Adina is able to get more people involved in communicating science, thus further helping the public understand why scientific research is important. And her efforts benefit school teachers and young students as well, bringing inspiration and much-needed resources to the classroom.

Azadeh Tabazadeh
Azadeh Tabazadeh, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Stanford University
How a mentor encourages scientists to communicate about their work
Darrell Steeley
Darrell Steeley, AP Biology Teacher, Pacific Collegiate School, Santa Cruz
Adina’s efforts inspire young students to be scientists and help teachers in the process