Case Study Team
Production Staff

Sharon Walker
  Dr. Sharon Walker
Lisa Taylor
  Lisa Taylor
Web administrator for COSEE Ocean Systems and the COSEE Network and member of the SEW-G production team
Jessica Kastler
  Dr. Jessica Kastler
Co-PI of COSEE CGOM, Project Manager and Chair of SEW-G, and member of the production team
Ari Daniel Shapiro
  Dr. Ari Daniel Shapiro
Independent producer and contributor of audio elements for selected case studies
Brian McCann
  Dr. Brian McCann
Website administrator for COSEE CGOM, SEW-G case study producer and production team leader
Susan Ross
  Dr. Susan Ross
COSEE CGOM project evaluator
Catherine Cramer
  Catherine Cramer
Online communications manager and writer for COSEE CCO and member of the SEW-G production team
Center Representatives

COSEE Alaska: Nora Deans
COSEE California: Craig Strang
COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico: Jessica Kastler
COSEE Coastal Trends: Laura Murray
COSEE Great Lakes: Rochelle Sturtevant
COSEE Networked Ocean World: Sage Lichtenwalner
COSEE New England: Catherine Cramer
COSEE Ocean Learning Communities: Tansy Clay
COSEE Ocean Systems: Carla Companion
COSEE Pacific Partnerships: Jan Hodder
COSEE SouthEast: Carrie Thomas
COSEE West: Linda Duguay
COSEE Coordinating Office: Andrea Kecskes
COSEE National Network Evaluators: Pam Castori