Carrie Thomas ~ Catalyst for Engagement

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Feedback Mechanisms for Support

COSEE provides a supportive framework for education and outreach programs and activities, but what about the other institutions that scientists interact with on a daily basis? Over the last 10 to 15 years, faculty have seen new developments in how outreach is encouraged and supported. In Dr. Thomas's experience, what she has seen is systemic change. North Carolina State is, in her opinion, "cutting edge" when it comes to embracing education and outreach. Meaning faculty have been hired whose focus is on education, not research.

Other faculty members report observing Federal funding agencies adding broader impacts requirements, and have experienced the benefits of those requirements being in place. The changing nature of outreach has produced choices for a multi-faceted approach that includes, not just teachers on board, but blogs, websites, DVDs and more. And this is the milieu that graduate students are working in, preparing them for careers in a new kind of atmosphere.

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