COSEE NOW Seminars on Exhibit Design for IOOS
Date: 01/11/10 2:00 pm - 01/11/10
Location: Online

COSEE Networkd Ocean World (NOW) invites you to participate in an online seminar series that will discuss the challenges of designing exhibits using real-time data from Ocean Observing Systems.

This webinar series will focus on sharing ideas and resources on the development of interactive exhibits or kiosks for use in informal learning institutions. We will highlight ways in which archived and real-time data resources from the Integrated Ocean Observing Systems (IOOS) network can be integrated into exhibits. We will also discuss how these datasets might be used in exhibits to communicate the science of climate change.

The goals of these sessions will be to develop 1) a collective expertise among a group of interested educators and scientists in effective practices associated with exhibit design and development and 2) a common vision for what a an exhibit project might look like using ocean observing sytems data and resources.

Session C – The Exhibit Planning Process III
Presenter: Ms. Tanya Bredehoft –

We will discuss and illustrate the exhibit design process, emphasizing the connection between content development and real-world application of design. Discussion topics will include further examination of topics from Session A, translating ideas into experiences that work for the intended audience, and 3-Dimensional (real-world) design principles. Tanya will use case studies of her past work to illustrate these practices. Homework assignments will provide structure to explore ideas and practice skills.

Contact Name: Janice McDonnell
Contact Phone: (732) 932-6555 x521
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