Fisheries in the Southern California Bight
Date: 03/17/10 6:30 pm - 03/17/10 8:30 am
Location: Sea Lab, Redondo Beach, CA

Dr. Dan Pondella
Occidental College

Daniel Pondella received a MA (Biology, 1992) from Occidental Collage and a Ph.D. (Biology, 2001) from University of California, Los Angeles. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Occidental College and the Director of the Vantuna Research Group. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Southern California Academy of Sciences, and serves on the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission, Technical Advisory Committee. He is on the Master Plan Science Advisory Team for the south Coast Study Region for the California Marine Protection Act. In addition he chairs the Rocky Reef Committee for the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. His interests include ecology, biogeography, evolution and systematics of fishes; effects of manmade environments on fishes; marine ecology of the Southern California Bight; fisheries biology; conservation of marine fishes; entrainment and impingement effects of coastal generating stations; marine monitoring; recruitment processes of marine fishes; marine pollution. He is an author on over 60 publications including two books, most recently, The Ecology of Marine Fishes: California and Adjacent Waters.

The Vantuna Research Group is dedicated to studying long-term and large spatial scale processes in the Southern California Bight. This research program features both the longest continual time series studies of rocky reefs in the world and the largest spatial scale studies of reefs in the bight. They are experts in marine monitoring, time series analyses and spatial modeling. They have a focus on the taxonomy of fishes and ichthyoplankton. emphasizing life history studies on nearshore marine fishes and complete extensive larval and adult studies using otoliths. Current monitoring and research includes the rocky reef resources in Santa Monica Bay and the Port of Los Angeles. Vantuna Research Group are partners in the Southern California Bight 08 regional monitoring project; conduct long term studies of the Ichthyoplankton of King Harbor and have conducted fish monitoring since 1974 of Palos Verdes and King Harbor fish.

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