Arctic Sea Ice: Nay Sayers and Science
Date: 05/15/10 9:00 am - 05/15/10 12:00 pm
Location: University of Colorado and online

Arctic Sea Ice: Nay Sayers and Science will be presented by Dr. Walt Meier, CIRES Research Scientist . This lecture with connecting activities is offered in a face-to-face format at the University of Colorado's ATLAS Building and in an interactive distance learning format via videoconference as part of the COSEE West - Colorado Collaborative Summer Institute. The Summer Institute consists of a series of scientist lectures, classroom activities and discussions, lab and computer work, and field trips focusing on on the link between Arctic sea ice, the Greenland ice sheet, sea level and global climate processes. The perspective of the Inuit people will also be explored.

Contact Name: Lesley Smith
Contact Phone: (303) 735-1750
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