COSEE NOW Website Tour
Date: 05/18/10 4:00 pm - 05/18/10
Location: Online

Join us for an informal tour of the recently updated website for COSEE Networked Ocean World (NOW). This session is designed to be a quick introduction to the new site. Specifically, thIs tour will:

  • Highlight how we're collecting the data that enables us to create real-time images of our network and allows members to network with each other (I know many of you were intrigued by the network diagram of our members Janice presented in Seattle)
  • Introduce you to the new social networking and collaboration features available, and how you can create your own niche sub-community
  • Show you how to stay in touch with the action using email and RSS feeds
  • Let you know how you can contribute to the site and use it to meet your needs

This tour should last about 20-30 minutes, though I'm happy to discuss the site and social networking tools further for those who are interested.

Please register today at:

Contact Name: Sage Lichtenwalner
Contact Phone: (732) 932-6555 x533
Contact Email:

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