Cloud Structure, Composition, and Feedbacks in the Current Climate and a Warming World
Date: 02/03/10 6:30 pm - 02/03/10 8:30 pm
Location: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Exposition Park, Mammal Hall

Terence Kubar, born in Fresno, CA, was able to pursue his early passion for meteorology by attending San Jose State University as a President's Scholar. He graduated in 2003 with a B.S. in meteorology and a minor in applied mathematics. Thereafter, he commenced graduate school at the University of Washington and completed his Ph.D. in atmospheric science in 2008 with his dissertation: "Cloud Structure, Microphysics, and Precipitation in Tropical Clouds Inferred from Satellite Data". Since then, Terry has been a NASA postdoctoral program fellow at Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he uses multi-sensor satellite and operational weather output data to examine the large-scale dynamical and stability controls on clouds in the tropics and subtropics. Terry is also an active member of the JPL Green Club which houses weekly meetings to discuss native gardening, connections between food production and the environment, energy and water conservation, solar and alternative energy technologies, and collaborations with local communities to monitor greenhouse gas emissions and suggest eductions goals.

The lecture will be followed by an Educators' Session in which teachers and informal educators are invited to meet with Dr. Kubar and COSEE West staff for more content information and to discuss ways to teach the topics learned in their classrooms.

Contact Name: UCLA COSEE West office
Contact Phone: (310) 206-8247
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