Basic Observation Buoy Workshop
Date: 12/13/10 - 12/14/10
Location: Jacksonville University Marine Science Research Institute, Jacksonville, FL

COSEE SouthEast is a co-sponsor of the Basic Observation Buoy (BOB) III workshop. BOB is a floating platform with capacity to carry a suite of environmental sensors. BOB can be moored to bottom or to a dock in quiet waters. Based on concepts developed by Doug Levin, Ph.D., located at NOAA’s IOOS (Integrated Ocean Observing System) Program Office, BOB is an exciting collaborative among SECOORA scientists and educators.

The BOB project involves precollege to undergraduate level student-designed, built and deployed buoys that host data collection, storage, and transmission capabilities. The target cost for a BOB is $1500, inclusive of the buoy structure, sensor(s), data storage, and transmission. Sensors determine the parameters collected by BOB and may include meteorological parameters, as well as wind speed and conductivity/salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, chlorophyll A, and turbidity. The goal of the BOB III Workshop is to expand on the previous workshops by exploring applications of the BOB platforms.

BOBs have been implemented in high school through graduate school settings, for STEM activities and actual research investigations. This participant driven workshop will present case studies, “BOBs in Action,” and provide the opportunity to expand the range of sensor options. This is a forum for outreach to broader communities.

Contact Name: Elizabeth Vernon Bell
Contact Phone: (843) 953-2078
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