Faculty/Graduate Student Collaborative Workshop
Date: 04/01/11 - 04/05/11
Location: University of Southern California

On April 1st, 4th and 5th, COSEE-OS will work with COSEE-West at the University of Southern California (USC) to co-facilitate a Faculty/Graduate Student Collaborative workshop. 

This workshop will bring MS-level graduate students from the Cal State system together with faculty from PhD-granting institutions such as USC and the University of California Los Angeles. These teams, guided by COSEE staff, will work to deconstruct the faculty's complex research topics using concept mapping and other pedagogical techniques. Part of the goal is to catalyze networking opportunities that will help these Masters-level students continue their science research post-Masters degree.

As part of a cross-center collaborative effort, this COSEE-West workshop is the second in a series of workshops in which COSEE-OS will team up with other Centers to implement the successful COSEE-OS Faculty/Graduate Student Collaborative workshop model (first implemented in Jan-Feb 2010) in their regions. The two remaining workshops in the series will be hosted by COSEE California and COSEE NOW. Each Center will adapt the original model to suit the particular needs of scientists and graduate students in their regions. As with all of these workshops, another goal is to provide graduate students with professional development support in communicating their science to non-scientist audiences.

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