The Courtship of EVA & BOB
Date: 08/16/11 - 08/19/11
Location: University of Connecticut - Avery Point

This Teacher Technology Experience (TTE) will focus on the deployment passive water quality sensors that use ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) embedded with markers to sample for a number of existing pesticides and emerging (flame retardants) contaminants. The EVA sensor will be mounted on a basic observation buoy (BOB) also containing a temperature sensor and marine invertebrate settlement plates at three different locations in Long Island Sound and all parameters will be monitored over time. Three teachers and one informal educator will interact with the lead scientist and graduate students to learn about the design, construction, deployment and lab analysis of the EVA samplers. In addition, they will each build a BOB during their summer activity, collect and process field data, and work to develop lesson plans that link relative ocean science themes with K-12 curriculum standards.

Contact Name: Ivar Babb
Contact Phone: (860) 405-9121
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