Salinity's Connection to Climate Change and an Accelerated Water Cycle
Date: 03/05/13 7:00 PM ET | 4:00 PM PT - 03/05/13 8:00 PM ET | 5:00 PM PT
Location: Online Webinar
Attendance: Free!

What affects ocean salinity, and why should we care? The saltiness of the ocean is controlled by the water cycle. And the temperature and salinity of ocean water together control ocean density - the crucial driver of ocean circulation. Dr. Schmitt will explain how ocean circulation works and its profound impacts on the climate. View other webinars in this series here.
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Applicable Next Generation Science Standards

"…How the unequal heating of Earth’s surface and Earth’s rotation result in patterns of atmospheric and oceanic circulation that vary with latitude, altitude, and geographic land distribution." [MS-ESS2-h]

"…How changes in temperature and salinity cause changes in ocean water density and as a result, affect the formation and movement of interconnected ocean currents." [MS-ESS2-k]

About the Presenter

Raymond Schmitt 
Dr. Raymond Schmitt
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Dr. Schmitt is the SPURS Chief Scientist and Senior Scientist in Physical Oceanography at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. His research interests include ocean mixing and microstructure; double-diffusive convection; relationships between small scale mixing processes and large-scale temperature and salinity distributions; the thermohaline circulation of the ocean; development of microprofiling instrumentation; oceanic freshwater budget; autonomous profiling floats; the salinity distribution and its measurement; and seismic oceanography.

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