Follow that Salt! SPURS Results and the Future of Salinity Exploration
Date: 03/12/13 7:00 PM ET | 4:00 PM PT - 03/12/13 8:00 PM ET | 5:00 PM PT
Location: Online Webinar
Attendance: Free!

What have we learned about the SPURS site and what's next? The interdisciplinary cruise undertaken by SPURS scientists involved the coordination of an armada of technology - from in-water instruments to shipboard measurements to satellites in orbit around Earth. Dr. Bingham will show us the results of the team's research, including real data collected during the cruise. View other webinars in this series here.

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Applicable Next Generation Science Standards

"…Construct explanations from models of oceanic and atmospheric circulation for the development of local and regional climates." [MS-ESS2-j]

"…The physical and chemical properties of water …and the impact of water on the flow of energy and the cycling of matter within and among Earth systems" [HS-ESS2-i]

About the Presenter

Fred Bingham 
Dr. Fred Bingham
University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Dr. Bingham is a Professor in the Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. His research interests include global distributions of sea surface salinity and large scale regional physical oceanography - the Kuroshio, the western North and Equatorial Pacific, and Onslow Bay, North Carolina.

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