Louisiana/Alabama Scientist Teacher Institutes

Date: 06/21/09 - 06/26/09
Location: Varies
Attendance: In-service and pre-service teachers, Grades 4-12

Onboard workshop
In-service and pre-service teachers will join research scientists from Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas for this course, which includes five days in residence for field activities in either Alabama or Louisiana, and 10 days of distance learning during July. The content focus is coastal processes, habitats and organisms, and marine technology.

COSEE Central Gulf of Mexico staff will group participants into cooperative educational teams, each of which includes a mix of teachers and researchers. Teammates will work together, each providing their own experience, thus enabling teachers to learn how researchers conduct science and scientists to learn how teachers communicate concepts and skills to facilitate student learning. Participants will explore salt marshes, collect data aboard a research vessel, visit islands, and more!

Contact Name: Jessie Kastler
Contact Phone: (228) 872-4269
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