Phillip  Johnson -
Contact Info:

CoastWatch Director, Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition
P.O. Box 1344
Home address: 605 S.E. 37th Ave., Portland, OR 97214
Depoe Bay, 97341
Phone: (503) 238-4450

Phillip Johnson

CoastWatch Director, Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition

Coastal Master Naturalist Program Curriculum committee member

Primary COSEE Affiliation:

Other affiliations:
- Pacific Partnerships

Background with Respect to Ocean Sciences Education:

My background is in journalism and communications; I switched over to volunteer organizing for conservation work about eight years ago.  My academic background wasn't related to science, but as a journalist I came to specialize in environmental science, with a special focus on estuarine and marine science, which led to my present work.  I have been directing a program that trains volunteers in citizen science and environmental monitoring, so I have become experienced in organizing outreach and educational efforts related to ocean science, and have learned a great deal along with my volunteers, although I am by no means an expert in the content of this training. I am participating on the curriculum team developing a Coastal Master Naturalist program for Oregon.  I plan on having the program I direct, CoastWatch, play an active role in this program, and to make use of it in training my own volunteers.

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