J. Theodore  Repa - Evaluator
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Repa & Associates
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P.O. Box 67
West Boothbay Harbor, ME 4575
Phone: (207) 633-7150
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J. Theodore Repa
Repa & Associates


Primary COSEE Affiliation: Ocean Systems

Other affiliations:

Interaction with COSEE Network:

Evaluator of COSEE-OS activities and representative to the Network evaluation team

Background with Respect to Ocean Sciences Education:

PhD in education; conducted numerous evaluations of educational program

Selected Publications:

Johansson, O., Repa, J.T., and Eklund, N. “School Leadership in Changing Times: The Case of Belarus.” in Leadership and Intercultural Dynamics, John Collard and Anthony Normore, eds. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2008.

Repa, J.T., et al. “Less Cost, More Education: Directing More Dollars Spent on Education Where They Belong--Towards Teaching and Learning for Maine K-12 Students.” A White Paper Developed by the Education Task Force of the Omicron Class of Leadership Maine, a Program of the Maine Development Foundation, Augusta, Maine, May 2008 (32 pages).

Repa, J.T. A Summative Report of the Five Year Progress of the 4MAT Project at the Yonkers City School District. Repa & Associates, May 2008.

Repa, J.T. “Results Summary: Concept Mapping Workshop for COSEE Leaders Evaluation.” Repa and Associates, April 2008.

Saturnelli, A.M. and Repa, J.T. "Assessing the Opportunity to Learn As Well As Student Attainment: What Can Be Learned From the New York State Elementary Science Program Evaluation Test (ESPET)? In Pursuit of Excellence and Equity: Transforming Testing in New York State: A Collection of Past, Present, and Future Assessment Practices, Annette Miele Saturnelli, Editor. New York: New York State Council of Educational Associations: 1994, 144-173.

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