Penny  Vlahos - Assistant Professor
Contact Info:

University of Connecticut
Departments of Marine Sciences and Chemistry
1080 Shennecossett Road
Groton, CT 06340
Phone: (860) 405-9269
Fax: (860) 405-9153

Website: Click here

Penny Vlahos
Assistant Professor
University of Connecticut

Participating Scientist

Primary COSEE Affiliation: TEK

Other affiliations:
- Ocean Systems

Interaction with COSEE Network:

Participating scientist in the COSEE-OS Fall 2010 ROLE Model Webinar Series: Persistent Organic Pollutants (September 2010) and at the Educator-Scientist Collaborative Workshop at the University of Connecticut (October 2009). View Penny's COSEE-OS collaborations here.

Background with Respect to Ocean Sciences Education:

Dr. Vlahos has a background in chemical engineering and chemical oceanography, and has been researching the geochemistry of carbon. She is particularly interested in the global carbon cycle, which affects the biosphere, climate, and the cycling of other elements. Her group’s current projects include investigating the fluxes organic compounds (including both natural and man-made) in air and marine waters, the development of in situ chemical sensors and the improving our understanding of how carbon cycles on our planet.

Selected Publications:

See website for publications list

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