Jeffrey G. Ryan - Professor and Chair Department of Geology

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Dr. Jeffrey G. Ryan
Professor and Chair Department of Geology
University of South Florida

Advisory Committee Member

Primary COSEE Affiliation: Florida

Other affiliations:

Background with Respect to Ocean Sciences Education:

The science I do is very strongly instrument-based: I examine unusual and often difficult-to-measure elemental and isotopic tracers in rocks and waters as a means of gaining new insights into the origins and history of these materials, and to characterize and understand large-scale geochemical processes in the Earth.

Some of my most recent scholarly efforts relate to my interests (and recent experiences) in geoscience education. I am involved in two active NSF Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement Program projects: the first examines the use of remote instrumentation in the classroom and the second focuses on the development and testing of multidisciplinary geoscience educational materials ("MARGINS Mini-Lessons") based on the data and discoveries supported by the NSF-MARGINS Program. I am also engaged in an effort to define "characteristic suites" of igneous and metamorphic rocks for classroom use - this project is running as a series of graduate and undergraduate field and seminar geology courses.

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