Michael  Spranger - Associate Director

Dr. Michael Spranger
Associate Director
Florida Sea Grant Program Extension and Education

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Primary COSEE Affiliation: Florida

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Dr. Mike Spranger is Associate Dean for Environmental and Natural Resources Programs with UF/IFAS Extension and Assistant Director for Extension and Education with the Florida Sea Grant Program, serving in this capacity since 2000. His responsibilities are to link diverse Extension programs ranging from aquaculture to water quality to fisheries and across different disciplines to solve problems that stretch from the uplands to the coast. Taking this ecosystem-based approach, it is the idea that Extension programs will integrate environmental, economic, and social expertise to find local sustainable solutions to Florida’s pressing issues.

Mike has thirty years of professional experience in university, Extension, and outreach activities, teaching, applied research, and management at the local, state, regional, and national levels.He has served in a number of leadership roles nationally in the educational field, including serving as chair of the National Assembly of Sea Grant Extension Program Leaders and President of the National Marine Educators Association. Most recently, he has coordinated the National Sea Grant Extension Academy that has been attended by marine extension agents from 30 states.

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